How to Quickly Fight Gum Infection and Win

Salt and water solution for treating gum infection.

A concentrated solution of salt and water is all that is required for reversing gum infection.

When you are feeling pain or experiencing swelling in the gum areas, these are signs that bacterial infection has set in. The classic symptoms of gum infection are: bleeding, pain and inflammation. Well, have no fear – here is a very easy method to reverse a gum infection in superfast time! Everyone knows that salt or baking soda kills bacteria – keep them at bay by rinsing with a salt and water solution every day as part of daily oral hygiene for the prevention of gum disease. But, if gum infection has advanced and drastic measures are needed, here is an emergency remedy. The key is to increase the concentration of the salt solution and to rinse for over an hour. Usually, the daily maintenance rinse is about a minute each day, but, if you need to fight advanced gum infection (and you cannot or don’t want to go to the dentist), it is not long enough – you must rinse for as long as possible.

How did I come up with this variation of the saltwater rinse? For months, I had had a slight soreness in a certain section of the gums whenever I pressed down on it with a gum stimulator. But, being busy and neglectful, I ignored it until, one day, the pain got worse and there was some swelling and bleeding. Then I got scared. So, I mixed a concentrated solution of baking soda and water, and swished it vigorously in the mouth – not just around the teeth, but shooting the water forcefully in between the two molars where the swelling was, to get the saltwater deep into the roots. The salt solution must reach the bacteria in order to kill them. So I repeatedly swished the water, like jets, into the infection area. I didn’t know how long it should take, but I felt that I should do it for as long as I could. So, I rinsed for an hour and a half while working on the computer (this always helps me to forget about the time); since there was some extra salt solution left, I had changed my rinsing water after 45 minutes. Later in the day, I repeated two more times for a total of three times, alternating baking soda and sea salt for the rinsing solution. To pass the time, I rinsed while in the shower and doing other work.

After three rinses the first day, I suspected that the bacteria were dead, but I couldn’t yet tell because the soreness from the inflammation was still there (healing always takes longer than it takes to kill infections). The next morning, the pain was almost completely gone! There was no more swelling. But, for good measure, I repeated two more hour-long rinses on the second day. By the end of the day, my gums were firm, with only a faint tenderness if I pressed down on the area. By the next morning, everything had completely healed: the gums were firm with no pain or bleeding at all. So, all in all, it took about one day to kill the bacteria and one additional day for everything to heal. The gum infection was reversed and it did not cost anything. I was very relieved!

The salt solution rinse is an age-old remedy. This emergency method is a variation on a theme, an aid for times when you’ve let go of your daily oral routine for one reason or another (as I had). Here is the ratio for the emergency salt solution:

Emergency Remedy for Fighting Gum Infection

Ratio for salt solution:
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt (or ½ heaping tsp baking soda)
  • 2 tbsp (1 oz) (30 ml) filtered water
How to Rinse:
Container of sea salt, fine crystals, for treating gum infection.

Natural sea salt is a good choice for making the rinsing solution to reverse gum infection.

  1. Mix salt in water using the above ratio. Take an amount that will leave just enough room for swishing.
  2. Swish solution vigorously in mouth for 1 to 1 ½ hours or longer. (For long sessions, mix twice the above amount and change your rinsing solution 2-3 times during the session.) Important: Swish the water, jet-like, in between the teeth to get the salt solution deep into the infection area and the roots of the teeth (but don’t swish so hard that your muscles become tired).
  3. Repeat throughout the day for a total of three or more times.
  4. The next day, press down on the infection area to see if it has improved. If the symptoms of gum infection (pain, swelling, bleeding) have lessened, chances are most of the bacteria are dead. Repeat 2-3 rinses for good measure. After that, let the gums heal.

Bacteria are always present in the body, but they are harmless if conditions keep their numbers low. Therefore, resume a regular schedule of daily rinsing to keep bacteria down and for the maintenance of good healthy gums.

So, as you can see, there is nothing new here. The natural way is always the best way. Sometimes, you just need to vary it when drastic measures are called for. No dentist required. Saltwater works and there is no need to buy anything else!

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