Budwig Diet – The Science of a Superfood in the Prevention of Chronic Diseases

The Problems of the Modern Diet and How Conventional Medicine Contributes to the Problem

Sun shining in sky behind clouds with trees in foreground.

Is the sun suddenly no longer of benefit to us? I do not believe that man’s interventions in cosmic relationships, biological processes and our biological-dynamic balance, have gone so far as to negate the positive influence of the sun. That has to lie in the receiving antenna. It is quite possible that the human antenna for sunbeams is no longer functioning.{1}Budwig, J. Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases, pp. 25-26.
– Dr. Johanna Budwig

As we can see, highly unsaturated fats from seed oils play an important role in the respiratory and vital functions of the body by their electron and photon energy absorbed from the sun, their dipolarity and electrical and magnetic fields, their reaction with oxygen to serve as the respiratory enzymes in the oxygenation of cells, and their serving as the raw materials for cell division and growth through the association with protein.

The modern industrial handling of foods, however, renders the fatty acids oxygen-inert and unable to perform these functions. The purpose of modern food processing is to preserve and stabilize foods and to prevent auto-oxidation so that they can maintain longer shelf life. This is done through heat, chemical treatment and hydrogenation, so that in the process, dipolarity and the fields of electrons are destroyed, their double bonds removed or saturated with hydrogen, their molecular structure cross-linked, and radicals are formed. The vital elements that give food its life have been destroyed – in effect, the food is now dead food.

Not only are all these types of fats (cross-linked, heat-treated or hydrogenated fats) dead fats, they are also respiratory poisons. They disrupt the functions of the glands and the organs, especially the liver. Disease occurs because the body is unable to metabolize these fats. They are almost always found in processed and prepared foods such as packaged breads, biscuits, pastries, chips, cakes, cookies, margarine, shortening, sausages, processed meats, etc. People who eat too much of these types of foods are tired all the time. They lack sustained energy and are always depleted after activities of the slightest exertion.

Be wary of packaged food products that say, “Zero trans fats”. Regional laws may allow foods that contain 5 to 6% trans fats to be labeled “No trans fats”. And even if, say, the fats had been 100% completely hydrogenated with no trans fatty acids left over, the process of hydrogenation itself requires the addition of metal catalysts and the heating of the oil to 200° C (400° F). So, the food product may not contain trans fats per se, but it is made of fats that have already been damaged through extreme heat, bleaching and deodorizing (required since the oil is a dark yellow from being burned). For some reason, the powers that be seem to think that if the hydrogenation process does not leave any side effects of trans fatty acids, then the fat is safe to eat. Therefore, labeling such as these is deceptive. In my opinion, there is practically no difference between completely “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”, no matter what authorities will tell you.

Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture with bananas and blueberries.

The flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture topped with bananas and blueberries.

Electrons in food serve as the resonance system for the sun’s energy. The problem of modern man is his diet, which is so far removed and unnatural that it is devoid of nutrition and living electrons. The person who eats refined and highly processed foods that are lacking in electrons cannot take in solar electrons because his electron system does not have wavelengths that are in tune with the sun’s electrons. This person not only cuts off his oxygen supply, he also cuts himself off from solar energy and the beneficial effects of the sun.

If people ate food the way it was intended, the living electrons would provide protection for them: their own natural sunscreen against the radiation of the sun. But eating modern plastic food has created plastic bodies, plastic cells and plastic cell membranes that are no longer on the same wavelengths as the sun’s, and no longer able to absorb the photon energy that can lift the body up against diseases.

When the skin does not resonate with the sun’s system of wavelengths, it burns greatly when exposed to the sun, and damage occurs. So, what was once supposed to be our friend, the sun, could become the very cause of the lesions, tumors and cancerous cells. When this happens, it never occurs to people that the problem may be in the receiver, but rather, that the problem is in the transmitter. “It is because of radiation from the sun and the thinning of the ozone layer.” Or, “I didn’t use enough sunscreen.” Consequently, modern man sees the sun as his enemy, and covers himself with paraffin and sunscreen oil, to protect himself from the radiation – which further cuts him off from the absorption of solar electrons, photons and vitamin D, putting himself at further risks of developing diseases and tumors, and reduced vital functions with no natural way of protecting himself. It is a vicious cycle.

It is for these reasons that conventional medicine is wrong and backwards in its approach to treating tumors and cancer. These practitioners advise people to use sunscreen and to avoid the sun when it should be the opposite – people should be more exposed to the sun to absorb its electron and photon energy. But the sun’s energy must work in conjunction with the consumption of natural foods rich in electrons.

Conventional doctors advise people to avoid fats, namely, don’t eat saturated fats and eat only unsaturated fats if you must. Modern medicine is incomplete in its education because it likes to break things down to black and white categories and simplify to the point of being simplistic and useless. If a polyunsaturated fat has been heat or chemically treated, is it still safe to eat even though it is a polyunsaturated fat? Do consumers even know that most commercial processing extract oils from the seeds and vegetables using heat and solvents?

In truth, it is not fats that are bad – it is the wrong kinds of fats that are being consumed, and I am not referring to classification. Fats are not bad as long as they are unrefined and have not been damaged by heat, solvents, bleaching, deodorant, pesticides or hydrogenation. Unfortunately, most commercially farmed and produced foods are denatured. (This would include all the products in the grocery store.)

Even saturated fats are required to some extent in order to work together with unsaturated fats in the vital functions. Lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid found in coconut oil, has many benefits including antimicrobial properties. Coconut oil is useful in cooking because it is more stable and can be cooked to a higher temperature before breaking down than unsaturated fats. The key is the correct balance and ratio of the different types of fats. And the key is undamaged fats in their original, natural condition with their electron system and electrical bonds intact. Hydrogenated or trans fats are the very worst kinds of fats and are the biggest causes of heart disease, diabetes and all modern chronic diseases.

Another modern medical travesty is the use of irradiation given to cancer patients. This artificial radiation, made from synthetically manufactured radioactive substances, such as radium or cobalt, can neither be absorbed nor conducted by the living organism. These artificial radioisotopes are capable of neutralizing the electrical charge of photons and electrons in the body, thus destroying the magnetic fields.{2}Budwig, J. Cancer – The Problem and the Solution, pp. 94-95.. Prof. Dessauer wrote that cosmic rays that contain protons or heavy matter have no resonance in the wavelengths of our body’s biological electrons stored from the sun. It is unsuitable for the body to absorb such rays and can only serve to destroy the body. When the body is exposed to such rays, burn damage results and the living cells begin to die. Max Planck called them “black rays” and Professor H.V. Euler of Stockholm proved that they cause even faster formations of metastasis.{3}Budwig, J. Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases, pp. 41-42. Dr. Budwig demonstrated for 20 years in practice, how the damage done to cancer patients by irradiation could be reversed, and their vital functions restored, by supplying the solar electron systems to the body.{4}Budwig, J. Cancer – The Problem and the Solution, p. 95. These are all proof of how unscientific conventional medicine is – they ignore the laws of quantum physics.

The biggest medical travesty, in my opinion, is chemotherapy, a fancy term for nothing but poison. It poisons the entire body and destroys the whole person. Its stated purpose is to destroy the tumor cells, but it destroys good cells as well. Destroying good cells means destroying the immune system and organs, leading to further failure of body functions. A tumor is only a sign, or symptom, of something having gone wrong. But conventional medicine is backwards: they see the sign, the tumor, as being the problem itself. So they attempt to remove the sign and think the problem will go away. It is like a small child who closes his eyes and thinks something is not there – he doesn’t see it anymore, so it must be gone. But when he opens his eyes, it is still there. Guess what: the tumor comes back. Removing a tumor does nothing to fix the underlying problems that caused the tumor to begin with.

Conclusion – Why Fats Are So Important

Fats are the governing substances for all the vital functions.
– Ivar Bang

Every cell of the human body contains fats. Every function, from brain to heart to nerve to organ function, to the regeneration of muscle after strenuous activity, to wound repair and healing during sleep, cannot occur without threefold-unsaturated fats. And the very best unsaturated fats, linoleic and linolenic acids in flaxseed oil, provide the vital essential fatty acids required for all life processes. The metabolism of fats is essential to the biological processes, including the complete regeneration and division of cells required in the growth processes, and the oxygenation of cells and the elimination of disease. Highly unsaturated fats from seed oils are also rich in pi electrons absorbed from sunlight, resonating with the sun’s system of wavelengths, allowing the living body to absorb, store and activate solar electrons, in turn attracting electromagnetic waves of photons, the quanta of light and the source of all power and energy on earth.

Just as an electrical charge in movement produces electric and magnetic fields within an atom, and within highly unsaturated seed oils and protein, and within a living cell, so are there electromagnetic fields within the biological processes of the living body. As blood circulates, the electrical charges within blood create magnetic fields, which in turn radiate electromagnetic waves. Every beating of the heart stimulates fats, lymph fluids and blood through the lymph system and the blood vessels of the circulatory system, generating electromagnetic fields with their movement of electrons. The functioning of the nerves also generates electric current in a magnetic field. The process of thinking positively or negatively also transmits electromagnetic waves…and so on.{5}Budwig, J. Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases, p. 50.

I suppose I could go on about the parallelism of the electromagnetic fields in the atom, the living cell and vital foods, with the electromagnetic fields in the blood and life functions, but I think one gets the idea. These parallels are not accidental but by design. There is order and purpose in everything.

To reiterate, the point of the oil-protein diet is not only to provide the necessary raw materials, fatty acids and nutrients for the body, but to also get oxygen into the cells in order to combat cancer and disease, which was the original purpose of Dr. Budwig’s fats analysis to identify the second pair in the respiratory enzymes. Although we get free oxygen through breathing fresh air, disease conditions indicate that oxygen is not available or blocked to some cells at the cellular level; therefore, fatty acids help to target these cells to deliver oxygen past the cell membrane. To be complete, I’d like to mention that there are other substances that transport oxygen through the cell membranes (e.g. MSM). Good, wholesome foods – like fruits and vegetables – that rejuvenate the body will help to eliminate disease. But fats are the most essential and most vital. The Budwig diet is special in that not only does it prevent, it can reverse the disease after it has already set in.

To be honest, I still do not know the exact details of how some of the chemical reactions work because in the three books, Dr. Budwig did not go into specifics about how the sulfhydryl group bonds to fatty acids (e.g. a graphical representation of the molecular structure would help); but there are no other technical papers translated into English, and this is more than what I had known before, so I must be satisfied with the explanations for now.

I hope this short scientific explanation will help you to understand at a deeper level the importance of eating natural, unprocessed, undamaged food, especially highly unsaturated oils and high sulfur proteins, supplemented with clean fruits and vegetables. Healing foods lead to good health and well being in more ways than one: at the cellular level, the systemic level, the mental level and ultimately, at the spirit level.

The flaxseed oil and cottage cheese muesli with fruits on top.

The flaxseed oil and cottage cheese muesli topped with assorted fruits.

For More Information

If you are interested in the Budwig diet, you can find Dr. Budwig’s original recipes in her cookbook. Or, try this core recipe for the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese mixture.

For further reading, see the website of Budwig-Videos by Sandra Olson:

Additionally, just as I was finishing this article, I found an extensive section on the Budwig protocol at HealingCancerNaturally.com. It has many pages of additional information and recipes, as the author has access to all sixteen of Dr. Budwig’s books in German; she has translated certain excerpts from these additional sources throughout her site. For more reading and information beyond the three English translated books, please see:
HealingCancerNtaurally.com – Budwig Diet: Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Authentic Oil-Protein Healing Protocol

A Selection of Other Works by Dr. Johanna Budwig in German:
  • Neue Wege der Fettanalyse (New Directions in fat analysis (1950))
  • Zur Biologie der Fette Die Papierchromatographie der Blutlipoide, Geschwulstproblem und Fettforschung (On the Biology of Fats: paper chromatography of blood lipoids, ulcer problem and fat research)
  • Kosmische Kräfte gegen Krebs (Cosmic Powers Against Cancer)
  • Untersuchung der Blutlipoide: Geschwulstproblem und Fettforschung (Investigation of Blood Lipoids: the tumor problem and fat research)
  • Der Tod des Tumors Band II “Die Dokumentation” (The Death of the Tumor Vol II The Documentation)
  • Laser Rays Against Cancer (1968)

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