Budwig Diet – The Science of a Superfood in the Prevention of Chronic Diseases

The Interplay Between Electron-Rich Fats and Sulfur-Rich Protein

Blended mixture of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese after blending with flaxseed oil.

Through her study of the lipoid membrane of red blood cells, Dr. Budwig was able to prove the function of the pi electrons of the highly unsaturated fatty acids. When she added cis linoleic acid to blood, it inhibited criteria that were associated with tumors and cancer. This effect of linoleic acid on the lipoid membrane of red blood cells was observed under the microscope as well as photographically recorded. This also resulted in a reliable detection method for cancer.{1}Budwig, J. Cancer – The Problem and the Solution, pp. 100-102.

To aid the living body in assimilating fats, a lipotropic substance is needed to make them more absorbable. A lipotropic substance is any compound that aids in the breakdown and metabolism of fat in the body. Dr. Budwig found that sulfur-containing protein substances possess a “haptophar”, a capacity for adhering to fats. With this positively charged haptophar in heavy matter, there exists a corresponding negatively charged haptophar in light matter, i.e. fats. Through testing and comparisons with seeds oils and pork fat, she identified them as the electron-rich, double-unsaturated fatty acids, namely linoleic acid. Thus, in seed oils there is always present the haptophar for lipotropic substances.{2}Budwig, J. Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases, pp. 30-31.

In the fatty acid chains with 18 carbon compounds, wherever unsaturated bonds occur, the carbon double bonds are fragile. Double bonds are stronger than single bonds, and the electron energy here is very high and strong in double bonds, but at the same time, the high number of electrons also makes the chain loose and weak, because the electrons are highly reactive with oxygen and oxidize quickly. Fats do not mix with water, but in these unsaturated areas that are “missing” hydrogen atoms, the double bonds absorb water more easily.{3}Budwig, J. Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases, p. 7.

Blended mixture of flaxseed oil and yogurt.

Yogurt after blending with flaxseed oil. Yogurt is thinner and more fluid than cottage cheese due to the presence of the whey.

In these areas, the hydrogen atom of the sulfhydryl group, –SH, connects to the unsaturated carbon-to-carbon double bond of the fatty acid to form a hydrogen bridge between the two molecules, providing a path for the fast transfer of pi electrons from fatty acid to protein. It is in these unsaturated connections that proteins adhere to fatty acids, forming lipoproteins, allowing them to be able to move through water and blood.{4}Budwig, J. Cancer – The Problem and the Solution, p. 102. Thus, the lipotropic protein substances, such as cysteine (broken down from cystine), in foods such as quark and cottage cheese, when blended with electron-rich seed oils, make the oils water-soluble and highly biologically available.

Dr. Budwig proved that fat and protein do combine. They mix because of the unsaturated bonds; therefore, this does not work with the saturated fatty acids. The more highly unsaturated the fat, the richer it is in electrons, and the greater is the adhesion. The now-water-soluble highly unsaturated fatty acids, rich in pi electrons, are then able to pass through the blood and the fine capillary networks of the human body. That is, electrons enable water-soluble fats to be active at the capillary level, which is of great importance.{5}Budwig, J. Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases, p. 31.

The pi electrons in fatty acids are fragile due to their affinity for oxygen and for that reason can be destroyed easily in foods. But it is also this affinity that allows electron-rich foods to pass oxygen into the cells. Therefore, oxidation – although not desirable in foods before they are consumed – is highly desirable at the cellular level. This is the key to destroying tumors and disease – for cancer and disease cannot exist in the presence of oxygen, as Dr. Otto Warburg had proven.

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